Three Dog will not return in Fallout 4


Some sad news has come out today, Wastelanders. It appears that everyone’s favorite Galaxy News Radio disc jockey will not be returning in the fourth installment of the Fallout franchise as many fans had hoped. This was confirmed on voice actor Erik Todd Dellums’ official Twitter account. Dellums revealed that he was never asked by Bethesda to audition for Fallout 4, despite teasing back in early 2013 that he might appear in the next game.

Dellums’ character was something that many fans loved about Fallout 3. His charismatic voice brought life to the otherwise lonely and treacherous wastelands. Despite not being in the game, Erik Todd Dellums is grateful for the outpour of love he has recently received from fans who wanted to see him in the next game.

Fallout 4 hits store shelves November 10th later this year.

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