SacAnime Summer 2015 recap

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Labor Day weekend in Downtown Sacramento was flooded with League of Legends characters, the Survey Corps, Power Rangers and more for the 2015 Summer SacAnime Convention.

SacAnime has become a staple within the geek culture in the Sacramento and Northern California area. It seems like every year the convention gets bigger and bigger, and this one was no different. Showing up on Friday, which for cons is traditionally the slowest day of the weekend, proved to be extremely difficult as the majority of the parking was taken in a few block radius. Those who got there early had to wait in a line that wrapped around the convention center, and Saturday was sold out completely.

Not only has the show grown in the amount of people that attend, but the level of popularity of guests that they are able to bring in has also grown. This past con was attended by 3 of the Power Rangers from Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: Austin St. John (Red Ranger), Walter E. Jones (Black Ranger) and Karan Ashley (2nd Yellow Ranger); David Faustino (Bud Bundy, Married with Children); voice actress Laura Bailey, and many more. You might have noticed that none of those guests were exclusive to anime. That’s because SacAnime is growing so much, that it is becoming less and less centered around the anime genre. In fact, they have changed their slogan to “Pop Culture with an Anime Twist.”

However, this growing trend comes with a price. Although it may have been the largest con SacAnime has put on, they seemed ill-prepared to handle it effectively. Volunteers were unaware of proper protocol in some cases, vendors were not given clear instructions on how/when they can set up, and interviews with the guests were cancelled in many cases due to lack of communication between those in charge. It seems as though this convention has reached the awkward puberty period where it grew too fast and those in charge weren’t prepared for such rapid growth. Although, because of the quality of the convention overall and in the past, I believe that they will quickly adapt and the next one will be better than ever.

Despite some of the pitfalls, there were plenty of highlights of the con. YouTube star Andre Meadows from the Black Nerd Comedy channel were in attendance and taking picture with fans and cosplayers. Speaking of cosplayers, those that were there were some of the best that I have ever seen at a Sacramento convention. Check out the gallery below to see just a few of the awesome costumes.

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