Kingdom Hearts 3 to include Pixar?


A LinkedIn profile from a former Square Enix profile may have released some new information about Kingdom Hearts 3 and the possible release of Kingdom Hearts 2.9 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

The profile, which is only viewable if you have a professional LinkedIn account, shows that the employee has worked for other companies including Comcept and Capcom, where he worked on Resident Evil 6. The real news is some of the information he shared for the Square Enix titles.

While Kingdom Hearts 2.9 does sound like a really weird name, it did exist in a leaked information document that revealed some of Square Enix’s announcements for E3. With Square Enix focusing on porting Final Fantasy X/X-2 onto the PlayStation 4 earlier this year, it would make sense for them to put such an iconic series like Kingdom Hearts on the system as well, since it should very easily sell to fans, but the question is would we see both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II released in 2.9?

Another piece of information from the LinkedIn page shows some possible new details about Kingdom Hearts 3, showing that the employee worked on development of two worlds, communications with Disney and Pixar, Multiplayer planning and direction, and Gummi ship planning meaning we will get to do more traveling in the third installment.

While nothing has been fully confirmed, you can see the information below off the person’s LinkedIn page:


If all the information is correct, what Pixar title would you like to see featured in Kingdom Hearts 3?

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