Awkward Conversations: Comics N Cocktails ep 2: Kristen Nedopak


Awkward Conversations have launched their new show Comics ‘n Cocktails on TheStreamTV and have the funniest guests getting tipsy with them. Hosts Anastasia Washington and Nathan Lichtman spoke with The Geekie Awards founder Kristen Nedopak about all things geek while drinking a custom cocktail.

Check out Nedopak getting drunk and talk about The Geekies, wanting to be Darth Boobs, and being quizzed on Skyrim.

Awkward Conversations’ Comics N Cocktails mixes booze and comic books, geek news, sci-fi, gaming, cult classics, movies, cosplay, and many nerd topics together. With their special guests, you can be the conversations to be super awkward, but oh so fun!

Make sure you check out a new episode of Comics N Cocktails every Wednesday at 8pm PT on Nerd Reactor and TheStreamTV.

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