Review: iClever Wireless Sport Headphones


The Bluetooth 4.1 wireless sport headphones from iClever offer an alternative to the more expensive behind-the-neck Bluetooth headphones out there, at a fraction of the price and with minimal compromises.


  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable/stays in ears
  • Easy connectivity

One of my biggest concerns with Bluetooth anything is the battery life. Bluetooth is supposed to make devices more convenient and having to constantly charge the Bluetooth devices can take away from the convenience. However when it comes to the iClever headphones, the battery life is a non issue. I was able to get a full 8 hour day of music, plus talking on the phone on my way home, before it finally died halfway through the next day. That was right out of the box.

The headphones are very comfortable to wear for long or short periods of time. When I first opened the box, I was a little nervous because I noticed they were more like the headphones that go into your ear canal and normally those are not comfortable for me and fall out. The iClevers surprised me by not only being extremely comfortable to wear, but also because I had no problem keeping them in my ears. They come with various sizes of cushion size so you can the best fit for you. Also, the headphones are extremely lightweight, making working out with them an easy task.

Connecting your phone or computer to your Bluetooth headphones can sometimes be a pain. The iClever headphones connected right away to my phone, computer and tablet. Sound came in clear with no signal breaking or static.


  • Sound not always the best
  • Call quality suffered

The sound on these headphones was not always the best. At times the sound seemed flat, especially if the volume was too low or too high. The sound levels would sometimes blend, making it difficult to tell the difference between the highs, midst, and lows. However, once you found the optimal sound level, the sound was pretty good. Bass was almost always non existent. The times it was there, it was minimal even with songs that had heavy bass.

Calls were not completely clear with the person on the other end complaining that I sounded far away from the mic. To be fair, they were right. The mic is placed on one of the ear pieces so it is considerably farther away from my mouth than other Bluetooth headsets used to make calls. However, with there aren’t a lot of mic placement options when it comes to behind the neck headphones. This may not be a big deal to some users, and to be honest, I wouldn’t use this feature all that much since I would primarily use these for working out and jogging.

Final Reaction

All in all these are decent headphones for the price. They are comfortable to wear and have great battery life. With some tweaks to the volume the sound is pretty good and if you can get passed the mediocre call quality, then these may be the inexpensive option you are looking for.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms


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