Pikmin 4 is ‘very close to completion’


In an interview with Eurogamer, Nintendo developer Shigeru Miyamato has not only confirmed the existence of Pikmin 4, but also stated that it’s “very close to completion.”

The article reads:

“It’s actually very close to completion,” Miyamoto said. “Pikmin teams are always working on the next one.

Nintendo then confirmed the news to Eurogamer in a separate statement:

“We can confirm that Pikmin 4 is in development but that is all we can confirm at present.”

The latest installment in the franchise Pikmin 3 came out in 2013 on the Wii U and received critical praise. It is unknown at the moment what platform Pikmin 4 will arrive on, but it’s possible that Nintendo’s next console codenamed ‘NX’ could be its home. We’ll hear more about the system (and maybe the game) in 2016.

Pikmin is a real-time strategy game first released for the GameCube in 2001 and centered around astronaut Captain Olimar as he tries to survive a planet full of giant, bug-like creatures with the help of cute little plants beings called Pikmin. This was then followed by Pikmin 2, Wii versions of the first two games, and finally Pikmin 3 quenching fans’ nine-year thirst for a new entry.

If what Miyamoto says is true, it looks like fans won’t have to wait much longer this time around.


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