Top 3 adult Hearthstone streamers on Twitch


Hearthstone drama has been the most interesting development in the streamer scene this past year, immortalized by Youtubers such as Nymh with the series “Radio Kappa”. This drama among streamers, while similar to what most socially alienated nerds would face, is broadcasted to thousands while remaining on the internet for the rest to see. Although some would compare this to average “reality TV”, it doesn’t have the same scripted feel of modern day shows, and maybe that’s why I like it.

It’s difficult to imagine somebody playing card games on screen for 4-5 thousand people while contemplating personal life decisions with only the help of their abusive fans and Jack Daniels, but it happens. Thankfully, it makes for an extremely entertaining experience. Even though there are extremes to this phenomenon, we also have streamers who have indeed focused on the game itself, but will definitely appeal to a mature audience. Thus, the first streamer on this list, while not the most dramatic, or lively, or even nice to look at, is my favorite to go to for actual Hearthstone advice and gameplay.

3. Kripparian – Octavian “Kripparrian” Morosan


Kripp’s popularity grew significantly with Hearthstone, and has become a staple for anybody interested in theorycrafting or deck-building outside the current meta. Originally famed for his WoW guild’s achievements in the Ironman Challenge, Octavian is also a sporatic participant within Hearthstone’s drama through seemingly random Skype appearances.

The key elements of Kripp’s popularity come from interaction with his viewers. This is a stream that feels more of a hangout, rather than a spectacle, and that’s why we love it.

2. Reynad – Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk


Team captain and owner of Tempo Storm, this streamer has brought us some of the most entertaining drunk Hearthstone nights ever. Adding increasingly interesting personalities to his team, Reynad has involuntarily created a storm within Hearthstone’s quite landscape.  This stream is where most meemees are born, and hope goes to die.

“Never lucky” – Reynad 2015

1. Forsen – Sebastian “Forsen” Fors

Here it is boys, this is the stream you’ve been looking for. Alcohol, women, and one damn talented Hearthstone player. While some would argue that Sebastian’s stream is nothing more than drunken stupidity and low brow humor, they would be absolutely correct. Yet Forsen better understands his audience than any streamer in the business. He will fully give everything he is and can be to his watchers, and that takes both courage and stupidity.

Forsen’s constant search for validation continues as he triehards to win a recent tournament by HTC, while many had said his play takes hits from shenanigans. While the later can’t be argued, when in serious competition, this is one player to keep a close eye on. You’ll see him sooner or later, as his streams have easily reached first and second place on Twitch in the near past.

This guy is just a person you want to cheer on, no matter the consequences or results. One true bro.

Whichever of these fine gents you choose to watch, support, donate or sub to, it’s a great choice all around. Hopefully we get to interview these guys at Blizzcon this year, cya there boys.

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