Steve Austin says Stephen Amell’s SummerSlam fight was an ’embarrassment’


Even though WWE is fake, it still takes skill to get in the ring every week and perform some of the crazy moves you see on TV. I thought Stephen Amell, an actor who portrays Arrow on The CW, did a fine job going up against professional wrestlers at SummerSlam last month. He did what he could on the ring and posted photos of his bruises. He said that it was all worth it, but there are those who aren’t fans of celebrities going in the ring, and one of them is Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Austin revealed on his podcast that celebrities shouldn’t be able to compete against wrestlers on the ring.

“I just don’t like the celebrities coming in there, the squared circle, and being able to compete at any level with the guys in the business. You’ve got to protect some of the integrity of the business. I don’t care what day and age, what year it is.”

I can see where Austin is coming from, since wrestlers have been training a lot to perform on the ring, and to have a celebrity with little or no skills to just show up and go toe-to-toe with one of these guys would “lose integrity”. Then again, WWE is fake, just like the scripted shows and movies out there, so why can’t the producers and wrestlers have a little fun.

“It was what it was, but I just got a hard time seeing that kid come off with that crossbody on the top rope on two WWE guys down there. So, was it embarrassing? You’re damn right it was, but for the wrong reasons, and the reasons were bad booking. It was shoot embarrassing to those guys to have to go out there and do that with the actor guy involved, but that’s on a shoot level, so it was an embarrassment because of the booking, and I felt bad for those guys because they were in that role.”

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Via Uproxx

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