Boba Fett fan trailer will make you beg for a full-length movie

Boba Fett

Many Star Wars fans that are familiar with the EU, have always known that Boba Fett never really perished in the Sarlaac Pit. And if you’re one of the few that didn’t know that, well, spoiler alert. Granted, that information was written in novels, but we all would love to see the badassery unfold in front of our eyes. That was supposed to come in the form of a full-length feature film by Josh Trank. Well, things didn’t really pan out as expected, because Trank ended up parting ways with the project. This left a bitter taste for fans wanting to see Boba Fett on the big screen again.

Enter Director Eric Demeusy. He produced a short trailer, that embodies how awesome Boba Fett can be. There’s not much action at all, but the shots are definitely worth a thousand words. The galaxy’s most feared bounty hunter has survived the Sarlaac, and takes off in the Slave 1. I would love to see this expanded on and I hope they at least make some sort of fan-film. All I have to say is, LUCASFILM YOU NEED TO HIRE HIM. Check out the video and tell us what you think in the comments below.


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