Sacramento gets a Mighty Morphin’ SacAnime


Geek culture is riding high all across the United States, but Northern California has seen a large growth in the geek culture movement. Home grown NorCal conventions like Stockton Con and Kraken Con are getting bigger and bigger guests and rapidly out growing their venues. Perhaps the biggest convention in the area however lives in California’s capitol city of Sacramento: SacAnime.

Thanks in part to the growing scale of SacAnime, we are seeing a new wave of local cosplayers, podcasters, YouTubers and the like forming tight-knit communities and making an impact that reaches far beyond Sacramento. One thing SacAnime has done better than just about any other con in the area is focusing their guests of honor around specific themes and creating unique panels with these guests. Last year it was an Assassin’s Creed panel that united seven of the games major characters that spanned the entire franchise, including Roger Craig Smith (Enzio), Cas Anvar (Altair), and Amber Goldfarb (Aveline). This year it looks like it’s morphin’ time over at SacAnime.

As the name implies, anime is the primary fandom that the con is based around, but it is far from the only one. SacAnime has stacked the deck this year as being an event you cannot miss if you are a fan of original kids with attitude, straight outta Angel Grove. On the guest list fans will be treated to five members of the cast from the O.G. Power Rangers including Black Rangers: Johnny Yong Bosch and Walter E. Jones, Yellow Ranger Karan Ashley, The first red ranger Austin St. John, and the iconic Zordon will also be in attendance, David Fielding.

There have been legitimate cons that are themed entirely around Saban’s Power Rangers franchise that have had guest lists that cannot touch this one. All this and I haven’t even mentioned the fact that there will be six more guests on the bill that are from the much more recent Power Rangers Megaforce. Many of us who were fans of the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers are old and have kids now that are fans of the Power Rangers Megaforce. The Power Rangers have become a cornerstone in children’s entertainment for generations now, and the genius organizers at SacAnime have crafted an event this weekend that has the potential to create moments that die-hard Power Ranger fans will be talking about all over the world.

Limited tickets are still available for this weekend’s SacAnime September 4th-6th, for more information:

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