One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 (PS4 review)

One Piece Warriors 3 (1)

The folks at W-Omega has brought us the third iteration of One Piece Pirate Warriors. Like last time expect a lot of hack-and-slash gameplay and lots of great visuals that take the players in the world of One Piece, all the way up to the current story arc of Dressrosa, where we see lots of new enemies and old friends.

This is the third game in the One Piece series that has been released using the Dynasty Warriors formula. And you know what they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” They are right somewhat, but it could use a tweak here and there. Like the previous Dynasty Warriors game formula, it is not usually about surviving the game, but it’s about putting up an absurd amount of KOs. This is the type of game where the body count sometimes outweighs the actual goals.

One Piece Warriors 3 (3)

Speaking of visuals, this game has amazing animation during cut-scenes, as well as during the special move attacks on some characters. The power of the PlayStation 4 helped this area out dramatically from its predecessors.

I am a big fan of games that use the original audio from the anime and this delivers. Though I know some people would prefer the “dub” version, and I think that will be a big disappointment for them.

Even though the visuals are great, there is a “but” to this praise. It delivers beautiful animation, but it suffer from frame-rate drops. Depending on how clogged your screen is with enemies, it can drop dramatically.

There are also a lot of characters in this game, and you can choose others outside of Luffy’s crew, like villains and the Marines. In fact, if you can think of an obscure character, chances are that person will be playable. After unlocking your favorite character (by completing certain missions), you can level them up like any other character.

I would love to have a fixed camera. While playing the game, the camera would move and stare at Luffy directly at his face, and I would have no visual on the where the enemy was. Not that it was hard to tell where they were, since they attack in large numbers. We had the same issue on the last game as well.

One Piece Warriors 3 (2)

Not really too big of a negative here since this is a Dynasty Warriors-style game but the gameplay can be repetitive, whether you’re doing the main Story Mode (Luffy and his quest to be the Pirate King), Free Log (replay past story missions), Dream Log (the player plays random levels) or Online Mode (players play with others online). It becomes a one-trick pony.

Final Reaction

Overall the game is good and has an incredible visual animation. It is recommended for fans of One Piece or Dynasty Warriors gameplay or maybe both. Just because you’re a One Piece fan, it does not mean you will like this style of gameplay, but if you are a fan and always wanted to be Luffy or any of the other characters in the One Piece lore, then this is as close as you can be, other than reading the manga or watching the anime.

Rating: 4/4 Atom

NR 4 Atoms - B

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