Goku takes on the Street Fighter II cast and destroys them


Goku vs Ryu (Deviant Art by: http://clebersan.deviantart.com/art/Goku-vs-Ryu-263754927)

Dragon Ball Z has been around since the 1990s and its fandom has only increased since that decade. When I watched Goku take on all the bad guys in the series, I always wondered what would actually happen if he crossed dimensions and fought other fighters. No, I’m not talking about Goku vs. Superman, because that’s already been done to death. What I’m talking about is that the guys over at GamebillStudio have answered one of these questions and put Son Goku into the world of Street Fighter II. It’s Hadouken vs. Kamehameha!

Some people have wondered what it would be like if Goku fought Street Fighter II’s main badass, Ryu. The answer to that is in the video, however before you do watch it, common sense should dictate to you that Goku is near god-like levels. Before the match even begins against the World Warriors, you already know that Goku doesn’t need to go full power to compete. He’s on a completely different level than all the Street Fighter II cast combined. Just know one thing, in the world of Dragon Ball Z, Krillin is the most powerful human. Krillin could pretty much wipe the floor with the Street Fighter cast if he was pitted against them.

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