What’s coming for PlayStation 4 firmware update 3.0

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Sony is getting ready to launch a huge software update for the PlayStation 4, which will feature quite a few new ways to enjoy your gaming experience. Firmware update 3.0, also known as codename: Kenshin, will be released to members by invite to try the beta. While Sony confirmed not all the features may be released right away, here are some things to look forward to:

  • PS Plus members storage increase — The 1GB save data upload was nice, but could very quickly be filled especially if you loaded your saved game data from your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita to the cloud server as a back up. Now Sony will be increasing your storage space to 10GB meaning you won’t have to worry about what saves to delete in case something ever happens to your systems. There will also be a usage meter monitor to let you know just how much space you’ve used along with a new auto-upload option.
  • YouTube live — You can now livestream directly to Youtube, before you were limited to streaming only to Twitch.tv but now you have the option of which one you would like to stream to.
  • Event Hub — A new hub that let’s you know about upcoming events for games including double XP events, seasonal events and more.
  • Favorite Groups — Connect with your friends or partners sooner so you can jump straight into the game without having to worry about inviting each person one by one.
  • Communities — Meet like-minded gamers who share the same interest as you in gaming and other things. A message board where you can chat, share screenshots or find people to help you on a quest or mission you might be stuck on.
  • Sharing video clips to Twitter — Make clips up to 10-seconds long and share them directly on Twitter.
  • Stickers — Add stickers to your messages, just like you do one your phone and Facebook.
  • Now Playing / What’s New — Get more information on what your friends are playing, and even jump in their game, or send an invite to join their party. If you don’t have the game it will take you directly to the PS Store where you can buy it.
  • Live from PlayStation — Here you can see what streams are popular currently and watch.
  • Request to watch gameplay — Rather than playing with your friend, you can send a request to watch their gameplay session as it happens live.

These are some really nice additions to the PlayStation 3, especially with Communities where you can make new friends based on some of the games you are currently playing. Should make for some great training buddies in future fighting games, or ways to finds tips for games you may be stuck on while posting some silly screenshots you’ve taken.

No official release date for the firmware update has been announced yet.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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