From Dusk Till Dawn 2×02 ‘In a Dark Time’ review & recap


By Jes Vu

One of the things I have been excited about this season is the further exploration of Mesoamerican mythology and the show immediately dives right into it.

Carlos, having endured the trials of the Labryinth, isn’t quite all there yet. Whatever he went through, he ripped out his own fangs with his bare hands. Yikes. Though despite being the culebra head honcho, Lord Malvado certainly isn’t below in helping him shave and cut his hair. Which we then circle back to those oil bonds from last season—Remember those? Apparently they were more than just money; they hold a prophecy about “a storm of blood,” which doesn’t sound so good for our protagonists. But, it certainly leaves me wanting to know more.

Carlos says it’s a map. Considering all of his orchestration, it leads me to believe he knows more than initially perceived. And despite being a bit broken, I still think he has something up his sleeve. He’s holding back, that’s for sure (and apparently he watches Dora the Explorer too. Oh, Carlos.) You know who else is holding back? Aiden Turner aka Sex Machine. Surprise, surprise! He’s alive and was turned into a culebra some time after being stabbed by Ranger Freddie Gonzalez. Groans. He says the answer to the prophecy lies in the Savini Codex (a reference to Tom Savini who played the film’s original Sex Machine perhaps?) Where is it? Well, I don’t think Sex Machine will be revealing all his cards just yet. But Freddie may be the closest person to it…

Freddie may have returned back to his normal life, but his nightmares are pulling him back into the fray. With some help from his wife Margaret (who’s not as ignorant as he wants her to be), his investigation leads to strange symbols – a group of bodies with those very same symbols. But, also what seems to be Sex Machine’s little hideout.

In the meanwhile, Seth and Kate prepare for their next hit: a safe in a hair salon. To prep, Seth is teaching Kate how to be a little criminal (Which thank you writers; this is all I’ve ever wanted to see and it’s seriously adorable.) by teaching her how to use a bump key to unlock doors. With Rafa’s help, it’s a success until The Regulator shows up! (And just FYI, The Regulator can walk in sunlight, and he eats eyeballs to help track his prey. Gross.) They get away due to Rafa’s sacrifice (Rafa is played by the oh-so-charismatic Patrick Davis who had some mad chemistry going on with Madison Davenport.)

RIP Rafa. You will be missed.

Seth was never ignorant about what Rafa was in the first place, and he’s mad at Kate for not telling or listening to him as usual. Once again, he tells her to forget her brother. It was inevitable, but after so much negativity, Kate is finally at her limit.

As I said before, Seth and Kate have always been one of my favorite pairs on the show. They’re tied together through their similar fates in regards to their family, however, there’s such a huge contrast to how they handle it. Seth’s on a downward spiral: his codependence on his brother and the loss he faced when Richie left him has made him turn to heroin. It is easier for Seth to see culebras as simply evil in order to deal with the fact that Richie not only turned but also willingly left with them. On the other hand, Kate is more determined than ever to find her brother after he was turned and after she was forced to kill her father. She wants to help Scott, which forces her to see culebras as people like how she befriended Rafa. Despite being a teenager, Kate is far more composed, focused, and far more willing to open her eyes to the reality,

Seth kicks Kate out of the car and hands her half the money they stole. In a surprise turn of events, Seth returns to Kate and kicks himself out. He gives her not only most of the money but the car as well before walking away. Seth may be a criminal, but he’s still one with a moral code. Or perhaps, it’s also another way for him to further punish himself? Probably both.

The episode ends with Carlos and Scott. The latter is eager to seek acceptance in this new culebra family after been rejected by his own. Influenced by Narcisco’s suggestion, he attempts to kill Carlos, but is easily scared off by Carlos’s new set of fangy, silver grills. But as I said before, despite his supposed dazed and submissive state, I think Carlos has a plan. He seemed way too in control of himself by the end when Narcisco and Malvado weren’t around.

And it may have seemed like a pathetic effort, but Scott is still young and Carlos’s end monologue seems to foreshadow something darker in Scott’s future. I may be one of the few people who consider Scott as one of their favorite characters. Because of that, I’m excited to see what they have in store for him especially after his character promo video.

What are your thoughts on the episode? Sad to see Kate and Seth split so quickly? What do you think Carlos is planning? What’s the key to this whole prophecy? Let us know in the comments below!

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