Legacy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Thunder Megazord coming in February


It’s already been 22 years since the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series aired on television, and it’s great to see how the series has grown since then. One thing hasn’t changed and that is fans still love the original serie. With Bandai releasing the MMPR Legacy line, fans have been able to acquire many of the original Zords that were released so long ago, which include the the Legacy Dino Megazord, Dragonzord, Titanus and the White Tigerzord.

Well the Legacy collection is only going to grow as Entertainment Earth has the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Thunder Megazord Die-Cast Action Figure listed for pre-order with an expected release of February 2016.

The Thunder Megazord first appeared in the second season of the Power Rangers TV series, and the figure will be compatible with the White Tigerzord, letting you assemble the Mega Tigerzord, or enjoy all five pieces of the zords separately (possibly for the Thunderzord Assault Team).


With the White Tigerzord already available and Thunder Megazord Thor possibly being the next release in the line, you’ll get to create the Thunder Ultrazord.

Currently the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Thunder Megazord Die-Cast Action Figure is priced at $199.99, which is pretty pricey, putting it up there with Titanus. However, the zords previously released ranged from $80-$100.

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