Digimon Adventure Tri coming November

Get ready, Digimon fans! We finally have an update on the premiere of the first Digimon Adventure Tri debut! In a little over three months, the first of six chapters–“Reunion“–will

Composer possibly slips news about Final Fantasy XII remake [UPDATE]

At the recent Distant Worlds concert in Pittsburgh, Arnie Roth, the lead conductor behind the Final Fantasy concert tour, might have let slip some news that was not meant to

Phil Spencer and console backwards compatibility

With Gamescom right around the corner, gamers are hitting the social network to get any details about what Microsoft has up their sleeve. Well Microsoft’s own Phil Spencer was there

Black Sails renewed for season 4 before season 3 airs

With Blackbeard’s wrath across New Providence now at an end and Flint and crew heading to England with a plan to save Eleanor, Black Sails¬†season 3 proved to be an