There may be one more match in Stardust and Stephen Amell feud

stardust vs stephen amell

Last Sunday was the long-awaited showdown between Arrow’s Stephen Amell and WWE’s Stardust. The months rivalry has built up to this match, and many fans were anxious to see the two forces finally clash in the ring. Stephen Amell along with Neville were victorious over Stardust and Wade Barrett in their tag team match at SummerSlam, but it was still unclear if Amell’s victory had put the final kibosh on the feud.

The following night on RAW, Stardust attacked his partner Wade Barrett, blaming him for the lost they received at SummerSlam. Following the pay-per-view event, the verbal jabs between Amell and the Superstar from the Fifth Dimension reemerged once again on Twitter. Stardust posted that he did not lose at SummerSlam because it was Barrett that was pinned in the match. Later in the week, Stephen Amell would reveal that he is training just in case there is another match. He even recently asked fans what should the name of his finishing move be.

Recently Stardust began posting more threats towards Amell and even insinuated that the Arrow star could never hang one-on-one with him inside the squared circle.

It seems that the two are destine for another match. Stephen Amell posted online recently that his charity campaign, where he sold limited edition Arrow vs Stardust shirts in promotion with SummerSlam, raised $228,867 in just under 6 days for Emily’s House children’s hospital. Being that the WWE is really big into charity work in the last couple of years, it would only seem natural that the two would team up again, not only just for a good cause, but also many of the WWE officials backstage were very pleased by Amell’s performance in the ring.

Stephen had four or five big spots in the tag team match last Sunday, and even though it did not get the pin, he was very impressive and did not have any botches in the match. The WWE has always featured celebrities in its shows in the past, but when it comes to getting inside the ring it tends to get a little more cautious because it not only has to worry about the well being its own stars, but its guest’s health as well. Stephen Amell did receive a few bumps and bruises from his match, but according to The CW star it was all worth it.

Given that the next big PPV is Night of Champions, it would be my guess that Stephen Amell will likely make another appearance on RAW sometime closer to the premiere of Arrow to help hype the fourth season’s return in October. The pay-per-view that month will be Hell in the Cell in Los Angeles. If I had to guess, I would say that Hell in the Cell would like be the destination for the one-on-one match between Stardust and Stephen Amell.

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