Live-action Mario Kart


In honor of the Mario 30th Anniversary, cosplay group HotMessExpress decided to go to a Go-Kart Park dressed in full Mario World Attire to play a live-action game of Mario Kart!

The full cast of characters included Mario (Logan Veltre), a female Mario (LalaBee Cosplay), Luigi (Tyler Henry), Peach (Asuma Jon Cosplay), Bowser (Emma Lu Cosplay), Toad (Pikamarkle Props and Cosplay), Toad (Ely Renae), Donkey Kong (Aaron Pepe), Rosalina (Ginger Tonuki), Daisy (Loverly Librarian Cosplay), Shy Guy (Shadow Fox), Blue Shell (Crystal Fantasy Cosplay), Banana (Melissa Barry) and Bullet Bill (Grant Smith)

Videographers: Sara Dinwiddie and Dark Geek Lord

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