Fear the Walking Dead 2×02 ‘So Close, Yet So Far’ recap and review

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With the events from the last episode, Madison, Travis, and Nick are freaking out and plan to take the entire family into the desert until everything dies out. They call Alicia to make sure she stays home, but Alicia tells them she’s with her boyfriend Matt’s house who is showing signs of the “flu” going around. Her family comes to get her and sees Matt has been bitten. They take Alicia away, with the insistence from Matt.

Travis leaves to grab his son Chris and ex-wife Liza, while Madison and Alicia take care of Nick’s drug withdrawal. Unfortunately, Chris is at a protest for the cops killing people (who have turned, but people don’t know that). Travis and Liza grab Chris before a riot breaks loose and take shelter with the Salazar family.
Meanwhile, Madison goes to the school to grab drugs for Nick to wean off his withdrawal. She encounters Tobias who has been stocking up on the canned food at the school. She gives him back his knife and they leave together with the canned goods. Then, they run into zombie-fied Principal Art. He attacks Tobias, until Madison smashes her boss’s head in. They run off – WITHOUT the canned goods – and go their separate ways.

Madison, Nick, and Alicia take shelter in their home, while Travis, Liza, and Chris take shelter in the Salazar’s home. They hear the chaos from outside their home.

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Things are picking up a bit from the first episode since Madison and Travis know something is wrong with dead people coming back to life and attacking people. But, they stupidly don’t tell people what is going on.

Alicia, who wants to tend to her sick boyfriend and save people, doesn’t have a clue what is going on. Chris, who wants to record the riot for civil rights, has no clue what is going on. Liza, who only wants to protect her son, has no clue what is going on. Hey Travis and Madison, you should be letting the people you’re with know what’s going on, as crazy as it sounds.

The show is heading in the right direction in terms of storytelling. The apocalypse starts with unrest in the city – the cops and the riots. Like in real life today, people will protest when they see cops shooting unarmed people – even if they are killer zombies, it’s not like they know. This would also provoke riots where people destroy things – especially in downtown Los Angeles. I can totally see this happening during a zombie apocalypse. Next up, we see cops starting to freak out – like police car 13 loading up on water. If they don’t know what the heck is going on, then you know there is a problem. Now, I am intrigued with the show.
Tobias is the voice of reason during this time. He knows this is going to cause everything to collapse – cell phone towers, internet, social ladders, etc. I really hope he survives.

Chaos is starting to happen. Hopefully Travis and Madison will be able to find each other through this mess. They are a cute couple, but being that this is Robert Kirkman’s world – one of them isn’t going to make it. I just haven’t decided which one is the ‘Rick’ of the show.

Side Notes:

  • No explanation on how Matt got bit? He just showed a bite and that’s that? That is just sad.
  • Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead seem to have a hard time keeping their black guys alive. First Calvin, then Matt, and then Principal Art? I understand you cast them after you written the parts, but maybe think about it for next time.
  • I have not figured out if Chris or Alicia is the Carl (season 1 – 4) of this show because both are equally annoying.
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