Comic series Cyber Force moves to LINE Webtoon

cyber force 2

LINE Webstoon, a popular digital comic service, has now obtained Marc Silvestri’s classic comic series Cyber Force (also known as Cyberforce). Cyber Force, created by Top Cow, tells the tale of cybernetically enhanced freedom fighters who must fight against aliens and evil corporations.

LINE Webtoon founder JunKoo Kim said in a statement released, ““Cyber Force is without question one of the most popular comics from one of the best comic studios around, and we’re happy to host the past two portions of the Cyber Force saga on LINE Webtoon. We really think this sets a great stage for this Fall when our readers will be able to experience new Cyber Force chapters exclusively on the Webtoon platform for free!”

With the new merger, LINE Webtoon and Top Cow will be developing Cyber Force as a multi-platform experience for fans who keep up with all of Top Cow’s comic series. In the same statement, Cyber Force writer and Top Cow president Matt Hawkins stated, “Cyber Force continues to be Top Cow’s best known series around the world. Putting the recent two volumes online free for readers will allow them to catch up on the backstory before the original story launches.”

Starting today, fans can read Cyber Force every Monday through Thursday on LINE Webtoon for FREE. That way, you could binge read all the previous volumes to prepare for the new series. You can check out the series here. For easier access, you can download the official LINE Webtoon app for iOS and Android.

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