Anime California 2015 Cosplay Music Video

anime california thumbnail

What’s up, Reactorites!? The Nerd Reactor crew had a lot of fun at Anime California 2015, and it’s definitely a huge improvement from last year. The location is better, and the attendees, panels, events and cosplayers are out in full force.

To be honest I was actually worried that we weren’t going to get enough cosplayers for our video, but I was proven wrong. We were driving in front of the hotel and didn’t see that many people outside, so we were a bit worried. That soon changed once we parked our car and entered the Anaheim Marriott and walked to the actual area.

Anyway, check out the video below, and I hope you enjoy it!

The song used in the video is “Something Better” by Audien and Lady Antebellum.

I’d like to thank the NR crew and all the cosplayers participating in this video. Much love!

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