Why I’m addicted to Hearthstone, again

The early morning sunrise peeked through the blinds, and before I was able to get out of bed and stretch, I already knew what I had to do. I opened my iPhone 5c, and gently pressed the app. This app that I delicately pressed with my finger delivered me to a world of the unknown. In this world of the unknown, there was a catastrophic Blizzard. The Blizzard was where Paladins and Priests lived, it was where Mages and Shamans cast their spells, and it was where Druids and Hunters raged war. As I was immersed in this world of the unknown, the snowy Blizzard quickly consumed me. That was then when I slowly turned my iPhone in a horizontal position; I placed both my thumbs on each side of the screen, and I anxiously tapped the play button and never looked back. What was this unknown world called? It was called Hearthstone.

My first mere moments of playing Hearthstone on my IPhone 5c was not a pleasant one. I started out as the Mage class and with out knowing a single thing about World of Warcraft and card games, I quickly died and lost my first 20 unranked matches. I was discouraged, so I gave up on playing Hearthstone for a few months. I was already addicted to it at point, but the natural grind and the uneasiness of not knowing what each card could do left a sour taste in my mouth.

After a few months rolled by, and after viewing numerous ads of The Grand Tournament continuously playing on social media, I knew this was a perfect time to get back into Hearthstone. I downloaded the game on my Gateway laptop and quickly fell in love with it all over again. I used the Mage class once again, and found it more appealing the second time around. After seeing a vigorous amount of tutorials on YouTube, about the basics of playing Hearthstone, I was able to see the game in a different point of view. Note that I am not an advanced player by any stretch of the imagination, nor do I even consider myself as a “skilled” player, I’m novice at best; however, I was extremely addicted to Hearthstone more than the first time.

I finally caught on that taking control of the battlefield was the best way to play at my level. I couldn’t fireball the opposing hero at my first few turns even I had the mana to do so. I was learning how to play the game properly and I was winning; I couldn’t put it down.

Playing on my laptop was a completely different experience than playing it on my iPhone during my second go-around with the game. I could see everything on screen; the cards, the environments, and every nefarious spell that was used against me. I could control and attack my opponent more effectively, everything was much easier for me. The complex game that I tried so hard to grind out on my iPhone just got easier and more fun. At that point, I knew that there was no turning back for me; I was addicted to it again and I loved every single minute of it.


I’ve realized that learning how to play the game was just as fun as playing the game itself. The process in which I took to play the right cards or knowing when and when not to attack was extremely rewarding. Hearthstone is a game like nothing I’ve ever played before, and no I never played Magic: The Gathering before. I would love to now, considering how some fans say that both games are similar. Nevertheless, this addiction has inspired me to further explore The World of Warcraft. Maybe there are hidden secrets I can apply to this game that no one else knows anything about.

But as of now, I’ll just keep opening new packs while I learn the best way to tackle a Druid. And I’ll stick with my Mage and see how far I can go with her. Tonight shall be fun.

I’ll see you guys at Blizzcon.


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