Megumi Hayashibara releases new CD for 3×3 Eyes as 25th anniversary


To celebrate her 25th anniversary as a singer, Megumi  Hayashibara will be releasing a new maxi-single CD for 3×3 Eyes, “Samhāra ~Sei Naru Chikara~” (Samhāra ~Holy Power~), this October 21st. The CD will contain 3 new songs, and one featured from the 1998 PlayStation game 3×3 Eyes: Tenrin-ō Genmu.  Track 4, “Stay,” is a duet with Kouji Tsujitani, the voice actor for protagonist Yakumo from the OVA adaptation of 3×3 Eyes. Megumi Hayashibara voiced main character Pai in the OVA.

The manga for 3×3 Eyes ran from 1987-2002, with two OVA adaptations created in 1991 and 1995. The story depicts the journey of Pai Ayanokouji (Parvati), the last of the Sanjiyan Unkara (lit. triclops), and Yakumo Fuuji, her unwitting immortal slave, as they search for a way to turn Pai human.

Song List for the upcoming CD includes:
1. サンハーラ~聖なる力~ (Samhāra ~Sei Naru Chikara~)
2. もう一人の私 (Mō Hitori no Watashi)
3. raks-ati(ラクシャティ)
4. Stay (feat. Kouji Tsujitani)
5. サンハーラ~聖なる力~ <INST>
6. もう一人の私 <INST>


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