Shovel Knight is the first amiibo based on an indie game


While Nintendo has primarily focused on its first party games when it comes to the Nintendo amiibo line releases, during Nintendo’s [email protected] event, a new Shovel Knight amiibo figure was released based off of Yacht Club Games’ popular Shovel Knight game.

The Shovel Knight amiibo gives you access to some really cool features on both the Wii U and 3DS version of the game. On the Wii U tapping Shovel Knight will unlock a co-op mode where you can play the game with a friend and the 3DS version will unlock challenge modes which won’t be available on any other platforms, along with a customization option where you can select different colors of Shovel Knight which you can store in the amiibo. Nintendo mentioned the amiibo won’t work with first-party games, but they are taking it into consideration.

Yacht Club Games will announce a price and release date for the amiibo at a later time, not only that but Nintendo will also be releasing physical copies of the Shovel Knight game for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U game in October which includes the Plague of Shadows content update and challenge mode, along with future updates.

This opens the doors for more third-party related amiibo figures, with Nintendo selling more than 14.7 million amiibo since June 30th, less than a year since the figures were first launched. You can imagine there are a lot of companies who would love to have their characters immortalized and usable in the games.

What other third party characters would you like to see released as an amiibo?

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