The Avengers have picked sides in Captain America: Civil War, our predictions on who will win


With yesterday’s big announcement by Jeremy Renner, people around the world are noticing that one team seems to be a bit stronger than the other. But considering that the movies are introducing more powers and abilities from the comic books, what can we expect when these heroes face off against one another, and what can we expect with the heroes who haven’t picked a side yet?

Well let’s take a look at our predictions of fighting between the two sides, with both the movies and comics in mind.

Team Captain America

First, Cap’s team is very tactical and silent. Falcon is ex-military with specialty in aerial infiltration.

Cap’s new sidekick, the Winter Soldier, is such a damn good assassin, no one was able to get a picture of him, meaning he knows how to stay hidden and quiet. He was also Cap’s best friend and partner during WWII.

Next up is Ant-Man, who is a huge fan of Captain America (as seen during D23 Expo’s sizzle reel) making his devotion and willingness to obey a clear advantage. In the film Ant-Man we saw what happened when an enemy found out his identity as his daughter was held hostage, which makes it easy to see why he would be anti-registration (if they use that plot). Ant-Man might be the most powerful one in the group being that not only could he turn microscopic and take out nearly ever machine-powered suit on Iron Man’s team, but he could also turn giant and well, squash them like a bug.

Then we have Hawkeye, who has wanted to keep his family secret, which is probably why he is anti-registration. He has fought with Cap since the first Avengers, and roots for the underdog as he did Thor in the first Thor film. This makes Captain America’s team much more tactical, quiet, and perfect for the guerilla-like warfare we saw in Marvel’s Civil War against the Anti-Registration heroes and villains.

Team Iron Man

Iron Man’s team is definitely over-powered, similar to the god-like heroes of DC comics, but Marvel heroes aren’t nearly as powerful except for Thor and Iron Man (from the Avengers family of films).

Iron Man and War Machine don’t really need an introduction as their armor has some of the most sophisticated weaponry on Earth, and it can even fight against the Hulk.

Black Panther is one of the top 8 smartest people in the Marvel Universe and wears a nearly indestructible suit made of Vibranium, the same material as Captain America’s shield.

Vision is basically as powerful as Thor and Ultron, and is worthy of Mjolnir, making him one of the most powerful members of the team, if not the most powerful.

Lastly is Black Widow, who might be the weakest member, but she took out Hawkeye, secretly interrogated the god of mischief, Loki, and escaped the wrath of the Hulk. This gal is ready for anything thrown at her.

But the one thing Iron Man’s pro-registration team doesn’t have is loyalty or group cohesion. The only one he can really depend on is War Machine. A comment I read somewhere put it in the best way possible, “Cap’s got a family, Stark’s got people who are tolerant of him at best.”

But how about in a 1-on-1 fight? Well, we put each team member up against who we think would be the best face off and want you to decide if you agree with the outcome.


Hawkeye vs Black Panther

As awesome as Hawkeye is in the Ultimates, having broken off his own fingernails to kill, Black Panther is a tactical genius. With a vibranium suit which gives him a huge edge against Hawkeye, Hawkeye better have a vibranium tipped arrow, or else he has got nothing against T’challa.


Sharon Carter vs Black Widow

Sharon Carter might be a great spy and fighter, but Black Widow is all that and more. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, she mentioned having surgery in the past to make her the ultimate assassin, and she is also one of the world’s greatest spies and can hold her own against nearly every Avenger in hand-to-hand combat. As great as Sharon Carter is, Black Widow would win this hands down.


Ant Man vs War Machine

War Machine obviously has the advantage when it comes to strength and weapons, but that’s not how you take Ant-Man down. In fact, Ant-Man could easily take down War Machine in the same fashion he took down Falcon. He would just have to become small enough to get into the armor of War Machine, and destroy or fry the circuitry which he could even have the ants do. War Machine can try to use his speed and agility to fly away from Ant-Man and attack him from afar. He’s also got a targeting system similar to Falcon, so he’ll most likely be able to track him.


Winter Soldier and Falcon vs Vision

This was a difficult one to consider since Winter Soldier and Falcon are both awesome sidekicks with plenty of tactical and fighting experience; however, the Vision is so darn powerful. Winter Soldier has the power to use an EMP discharge from his cybernetic prosthetic arm. We’ve seen him use them in the comics, but this might be a weapon he just hasn’t shown yet, or maybe Scott Lang will be the one to give him that ability which may not work since the Vision is made out of synthetic Vibranium and has a conscious, making him not a traditional android. Even between the Winter Soldier and Falcon, the Vision would win in the end.


Captain America Vs Iron Man

Captain America is someone who people always ask, what makes him so special? In nearly every comic book with a post-apocalyptic future, Captain America was always the last to go. Why is that? He is an expert tactician, resilient, and a strong leader, which is why he is able to lead a team even if he isn’t the most powerful. But Tony Stark is going to have his most powerful armor, the Bleeding Edge armor. The Bleeding Edge is so powerful it makes the Hulkbuster armor look like a Reliant Robin. Even though in Civil War #7, Captain America kicked the crap out Iron Man when he was wearing the Extremis armor, which was the base for the Bleeding Edge armor. We know that Cap’s vibranium shield could handle anything that Iron Man throws at him, but since the entire Bleeding Edge armor could handle anything, in this film, I think Iron Man will come out on top in a 1-on-1 fight. But…


What about the others who haven’t picked a side yet? There’s no mention of Vision’s potential love interest, Scarlet Witch, who may be the only one strong enough to manipulate him and take Vision out. Thor left Midgard to prepare for Ragnarok and was not in the Civil War comics either (well kind of but it was an android), and here’s the reason why Thor won’t be in Civil War. What about the Hulk? Last we saw, he was in a Quinjet and looking up towards the sky leading us to believe he might leave the planet, but rumors are circulating that Bruce Banner will have at least a cameo in Civil War.


Now most importantly, and certainly not least, what about Spider-Man? Rumors of Spider-Man fighting Captain America have been circulating for nearly a week now. In the comics he first sided with Iron Man, and then later he switched to Captain America’s side after his identity reveal compromised the safety of his family. Plus Iron Man refused to help. I believe he may fight Cap in the movie, but might choose to sit this fight out. (There are reports saying he does have a fight scene.) If he does join Cap’s side, Spider-Man has fought many of Marvel’s best and always survived. This leads me to believe that on his own, he might be able to take out Iron Man and his team. This could also be why Tony Stark is rumored to make a cameo in Spider-Man’s solo film, so that he can recruit him into The Avengers, because of his power, intelligence, and potential.


Do you agree? Which side would you be on?

Captain America: Civil War battle in theaters on May 6, 2016.

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