LawBreakers! New free online FPS by Cliff Bleszinksi


Almost 3 years since Cliff Bleszinski left Epic Games to get away from game development and one year after starting Boss Key Productions, their first game was finally announced today. LawBreakers is an online FPS set in a futuristic world that has been ravaged by a massive earthquake known as the Shattering. The Shattering itself was caused by lunar testing that ended up splitting the moon, altering Earth’s gravity. From there, civilization was rebuilt but the Earth’s gravity never went back to normal. Though peace had returned to Earth, the gravity manipulation led to near super human abilities. Cartels combined forming the Breakers, which had their empire growing all over and entering the U.S. With law enforcement unifying to keep the peace, you are tasked with one decision: Uphold the law, or break it!

LawBreakers is built around 5 vs 5 online matches that pits the unified police force against the Breakers. Bleszinksi states the three key things in LawBreakers are: gangs, guns, and gravity. Boss Key Productions is partnering with Nexon, which is known for their free-to-play games such as MapleStory. Bleszinski is no stranger to shooters himself, with his most well known game series being Gears of War and Unreal. Gameplay footage is expected to be released on Friday, so we’ll finally get to see what Bleszinski has been working on since leaving Epic Games. We’ll have to wait until 2016 to see if LawBreakers can live up to Cliff Bleszinski’s reputation. Can’t wait!

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