D23 Expo: Disneyland Shanghai


From August 14 to 16, Disney gathered the masses of fans in an event of memories. Among these were various unveilings of Disney’s future in the months to come and the years beyond. One of the major highlights of this time was the unveiling of Disneyland Shanghai. Despite rumors of structural instability, the key to the kingdom is the fact that the Imagineers have been working on this project for the last five years and it has been kept under wraps (even from the Imagineers’ spouses!).

I’ll keep this brief, by now you would have come across information on this magnificent piece of work and won’t need more. Just know that with the vast amounts of land that can be worked with, the Shanghai location has given the Imagineers a lot of room to expand their ideas and better organize their attractions in a meaningful way. Being curious about the information more than the visuals, I’m sharing with you the photos I’ve taken which explain the various aspects of the upcoming park that is slated to open in Spring 2016.

A slice of information can be found here: Wikipedia: Shanghai Disneyland
And more official information can be found here: Disney Parks Blog: Shanghai Disneyland

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