Cortana meets Android

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The mobile virtual assistant has become a staple on all mobile operating systems. iOS has Siri, Android has Google Now, and Windows has Cortana. Android has released a limited version of Google Now for iOS in the past and now Microsoft has followed suit by releasing a limited version of Cortana for Android users.

The Monday release of the virtual assistant follows a much smaller release in July to select users for testing. This release is now open to all Android users that join the Microsoft beta program. You can join it here. Cortana is still very much in beta so it should be noted that users may experience some bugs in using it before the official release.

Android users will have most of the same features available to them as Windows Phone users including the ability to set reminders, search the web, and add events to your calendar. The Android version even comes with the same “notebook” feature, which lets you tweak Cortana’s recommendations to make them more personalized and relevant to your interests and what is nearby. You can also replace the Google Now shortcut on your home button with a shortcut to launch Cortana.

Where the app differs from the native Windows version is it lacks the ability to open other apps, control your phone’s settings (such as Wifi and Bluetooth settings), and the ability to use the “Hey Cortana!” voice command to start a new search.

Will you be downloading Cortana or are you sticking with Google Now? Tell us why in the comments below.

Source: Mashable

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