Inti Creates’ Azure Striker Gunvolt coming to Steam Friday


Azure Striker Gunvolt is heading to Steam on August 28th, one year after the game was released for the Nintendo 3DS. Developed by Inti Creates, the game is the spiritual successor to the Mega Man Zero video game series which they previously worked on and introduces a new character by the name of Gunvolt, an adept with special powers who can control electricity.

The Steam version of Azure Striker Gunvolt will let players adjust the screen size of the game as it uses two different screens, similar to the 3DS version, 8 different language settings, a new speedrun mode, collectible Steam trading cards, and will have updates every month for the first six months after it releases.

Inti Creates also announced that the game will include the original Japanese voice track, complete with subtitles and that everyone who purchases the game between August 28th through September 28th, will receive a free download for Mighty Gunvolt, a mini Mega Man style action game featuring three playable characters, Gunvolt, Beck from Mighty No.9 and Ekoro from Gal*Gun.

Azure Striker Gunvolt will cost $14.99, and you can read our review of the Nintendo 3DS version here.

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