Could Nintendo’s next console have no optical drive?

Nintendo recently filed a patent on August 20th for a console that features no optical disc drive. This could mean that the next Nintendo system will be doing away with physical media and instead go the route of digital downloadable games only, which has been a subject talked about before in the gaming industry.


The full patent is available to view on NeoGaf which was discovered by user Rosti. We do see is a memory card slot will be available, possibly for a SD card (or whatever Nintendo plans on supporting), an internal hard drive, as well as the ability to add an external hard drive to the system. The patents also includes “high-speed communication such as ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) or optical communication,” so players can quickly download their games to their systems rather than needing to buy any physical medium to play.

Could this be Nintendo’s NX console? Nintendo has been very quiet on any information on the system, fearing competitors may follow suit on their ideas. This could also be a new Wii U console?

Do you prefer buying physical versions of games, or do you prefer your games downloaded digitally?

Source: IGN

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