Both Dr. Mario and Bowser Jr. amiibo will be store exclusives

With the next wave of amiibo releasing on September 11th (not including Gamestop’s Retro 3 Pack, which releases two weeks later), it looks like two more amiibo will be store exclusives, making your hunt to collect them all a bit harder.


As confirmed by Amiibo News on Twitter, Bowser Jr. will be coming exclusively to Toys “R” Us. Each store will have limited numbers of the amiibo on hand and will be limited to one per customer.

dr-mario-amiiboAs for Dr. Mario, he has been confirmed as a Target exclusive. Like Bowser Jr. and all previous store exclusive figures, each Target store will only have a limited number of stock in each store available, and will be limited to one per customer.

Toys “R” Us and Target have yet to announce any information for online pre-orders as of now, so your best bet is to visit both stores and hope to get lucky.

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