SummerSlam: Stephen Amell defeats Stardust

arrow sumerslam stardust

The previous weeks have all be culminating up to this. Words across social media had been exchanged, threats have been used, but alas the time for talk was over as Stephen Amell with Neville faced off with Stardust and the Cosmic King. Many fans were wondering if Stephen Amell would actually wear his Green Arrow costume into the ring, especially since Stardust has made it a point to specifically aim his threats at the DC character. When Amell came out he wore a similar emerald hoodie to the one he wears in the show, but quickly took the hoodie off once he got close to the ring.

I also noticed that the titantron did not call him the Green Arrow has many thought it would. This has more than likely has to do with licensing. Since the Green Arrow is a DC Comic property, WWE would have to license the name and would have to pay DC anytime someone watched the pay-per-view on the network. It makes sense that it would be easier to just have Stephen Amell wrestle as himself.



As far as the wrestling goes, Stephen Amell did actually pretty well. He was able to pull off an Enzeguri and a dive to the outside from the top rope. He even took a Suplex Facebuster. I’m sure he had his set spots that they definitely rehearsed for the match, but Amell did not botch any of them. Neville finished the match with the Red Arrow on Cosmic King, I had wondered if Amell would have a finishing move match. I guess not.

Following the match, Stephen Amell posted a photo of himself on his official Twitter to show the bruises he sustained during the match with the caption, “worth it.” Stephen has been a long-time fan and has said that this was a dream come true for him to be in a WWE match. Though this was the first match for Stephen Amell, he has publicly said that it will be his last, but according to his Twitter account we haven’t seen the last of Stephen Amell in the ring.

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