eSports events making their way to Canadian Cineplex theaters


The one night only cinema event has been coming back into mode over the past few years; not only can you still head down to your local theater every now and then to catch a marathon of your favourite trilogy, but major events like the season finales of popular shows have been making their way live to the big screen. While this has been going on for operas and theatrical productions from all around the world for years, more recently theater chains like Canada’s Cineplex have turned their attention on the growing world of eSports to bring in the crowds.

You’ll never have to worry about a shoddy internet connection or glitchy stream; for around $15 you can settle into a comfortable seat at the local multiplex and watch all the action live and in HD. The latest event in Cineplex’s eSports series is today’s showing of ESL One Cologne 2015: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive FINALS LIVE. Lasting four hours and hosted by YouTube personality Soe Gschwind-Penksi (SOEMBIE), Cineplex promises that they are presenting the best possible eSports experience. Soe will bring you into the Pro-Players warm up area, host and commentator rooms and take you backstage at LANXESS Arena at the players prepare for their match. She will introduce the final teams, provide live interviews to garner added insight on team strategy, and the mindset of the two competitors which will lead straight into the final game.

For those familiar with global eSports culture, the idea of crowds gathering in theaters to watch the action live isn’t a strange one. Korea is famous for their devout eSports fans and many people will watch matches live in arenas or theaters. Whether or not this model will work in North America with its lingering culture of derision and dismissal of eSports remains to be seen. However, it is impossible to deny that the popularity of eSports is on the rise in North America and it’s good to see that global audience come together. Canadian eSports fans have extremely few opportunities to witness matches in person without traveling great distances, but a quick search showed that Cineplex was broadcasting these Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Finals in three different theaters in my city alone. It is an unparalleled opportunity for Canadian eSports fans to come together.

You can keep an eye out for future Cineplex eSports broadcasting events here.

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