Star Wars and CoverGirl team up to disturb the makeup force

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With any big movie franchise, you can always expect third-party companies to team up to get fans excited and hyped to either check out their products or watch the films. With Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming to theaters in December, you can bet your ass that Lucasfilm and Disney are teaming up with a lot of different companies. CoverGirl, the popular makeup brand, has partnered up with Lucasfilm for some cool makeup products. Will you be joining the dark side or the light side of beauty?

Behind the project is CoverGirl’s Pat McGrath, the global creative design director, who has created different colors inspired by a galaxy far, far away. These are based on the different characters or themes from the films, and they include six lipsticks, three nail polishes, and 10 mascara. The mascara ones even have phrases from the film including, “May the force be with you,” and “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

You won’t have to wait until December 18th for the film’s release date, since you’ll be able to get them online on September 4th (I see what they did here) and at stores in mid-September. The products range in pricing from $5 to $8. Go ahead and use the makeup force, and don’t forget to tag @CoverGirl and use the #BeautyForce hashtag.


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