A Ship Is Born: Sir Patrick Stewart plants one on Conan O’brien

Conan Patrick Stewart Kiss 2

Now this is quality television, people. Sir Patrick Stewart, or as many fans may know him as Charles Xavier, recently did a guest spot on TBS late night talk-show Conan. During the actor’s visit there, Conan brought out the much gossiped picture of Sir Stewart kissing fellow mutant Sir Ian McKellan. Stewart said that the kiss was nothing more than a display of affection for very good friend and that he has kissed a lot of other men as well. He has even set his sights on fellow knighted Scottish actor Sir Sean Connery.

When Conan persisted to ask why he did, Sir Patrick Stewar propositioned Conan if he was interested in experiencing it first hand. What happened next is the tale of legends. The kiss left Conan shocked and confused by his own emotions. Even Patrick Stewart need to cool down from his Conan appearance.

You can check out the kiss in the video below. Conan airs Monday through Thursday at 11pm ET/10:00 pm CT on TBS.

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