Guardians of the Galaxy had an extremely positive effect on a disabled child


Guardians of the Galaxy was released in theaters last year, and no one expected it to become the huge blockbuster hit that it is now. Director James Gunn took a random bunch of fairly unknown Marvel space heroes and made everyone fall in love with all the characters. As successful as this movie was, James Gunn is still humble, down-to-earth, and knows why he writes and makes movies like these. Not only does he want to tell a story, but he also wants to touch your lives in one way or another.

In a recent Facebook post (by the way if you’re not following James Gunn on Facebook, you should), James Gunn expressed again why he loves making movies. A fan expressed how much of an impact Guardians of the Galaxy had on his disabled child and was extremely thankful to Mr. Gunn. The fan’s son had a speech problem, but after seeing the heart and soul that Groot expressed on the screen, his son started saying “Groot” and thus started taking positive steps in learning to speak.

James Gunn

I don’t know about you, but this is as touching as they come. I’m always glad when a movie or some piece of art affects anyone in a positive matter that it somehow adds more sunshine to their lives. Many positive wishes for this child to grow up and to never forget that “We are Groot.”

Okay, I…have to go, someone’s cutting onions next to me.

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“We are Groot” by p1xer (

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