Kevin Conroy calls out Donald Trump for ‘I am Batman’ comment

Donald Trump Batman

The Trumpster has been all over the news as of late with his campaign trail. He was even seen giving free helicopter rides to potential voters at the Iowa State Fair last weekend. One of the children Trump took up in the helicopter happened to capture the ride all on video and asked the billionaire if he was Batman, to which he quickly replied “I am Batman.” The video has since on viral and has legions of Batman fans up in arms. Even late night host Jimmy Kimmel could not ignore the Trumps comments and even made of video dubbing Donald’s voice over scenes from Batman: The Animated Series.

Now this is all of course is in good fun, but there is one person who took Trump’s comment quite seriously, and that is long-time Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy.

Coincidentally enough, Conroy’s first portrayal of the character was during 90’s run of the Batman: The Animated Series. Since then, the actor has become synonymous with the character, lending his voice for various movies, spin-off shows and most recently the widely successful Batman: Arkham series from Rocksteady Games. So it is easy to see how the man who has become the quintessential voice of Batman may take offense to the Trump’s words.

If I were Donald Trump, I would choose my words very carefully next time the caped crusader is brought up in conversation. You can check out the mash-up clip from the Jimmy Kimmel show below.

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