D23 Expo: Powerline performs at the 20th anniversary reunion of A Goofy Movie


While we patiently wait on the Blu-ray release of A Goofy Movie, the cast of the film had a reunion to celebrate the 20th anniversary at this year’s D23 Expo. As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of this underrated Disney classic, let’s remember the music that’s kept this film so close to my heart after all these years. One of those songs is Powerline’s I2I, performed by Tevin Campbell.

If you remember, Goofy accidentally crashes the performance of I2I. Soon afterward, Max soon joins him thus fulfilling his dream of impressing Roxanne by performing at the concert. All of this with the added bonus of having his dad beside him. That’s precious.

To celebrate the moment, Tevin Campbell surprised the crowd by coming on-stage to perform Powerline’s I2I.

Check out the original scene below.

Right in the nostalgia.

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