Hands-on preview: I Want To Be Human

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Can’t get enough of vampires? How about 2-D platformers? Why not throw some extremely dark and crude humor in there? If you answered yes to one or all of these things, Sinclair Strange and publisher Rising Star Games has you covered with I Want To Be Human.

This game tells the warmhearted tale about a girl vampire and her boyfriend who got turned into a hat by an evil corporation, so long-story-short they must escape said evil corporation and find a way to change the boyfriend back. What ensues is some bloody action along with speedy platforming.

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I Want To Be Human is designed for two types of platformer fans: the ones who like to rack up a high “sgore” (haha, get it?) by searching through levels and the speed-runners who wish to get to the end of the stage as quickly as possible. Players do this with the help of the vampire girl’s boyfriend-hat and her trustworthy shotgun. The hat gives her enhanced mobility allowing her to wall-jump and wave-dash. This makes for some creative combat against foes and it makes finding hidden locales more rewarding. In the build I played, there was an area where a character was peeing inside a pool of holy water while telling you to “piss off”; I then made the mistake of jumping into the holy water which is instant death.

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Also featured in the build was a vehicle in the form of a giant wheel that makes you invincible and mows down any enemy in its path. Needless to say, I had loads of fun with that! The shotgun controls with the right control stick on a gamepad and the spread of the bullets doesn’t make aiming a daunting task. Oh, and did I mention this game is bloody? The artstyle is black, white, and red all over used to emphasize the dark nature of this game while the small, chibi characters are there to resemble the humorous side of things.

I did think that the version I played was a little too easy, but Sinclair Strange assured me that it will become more difficult the further you progress. He even showed me a bonus stage dedicated to a large amount of transparent blocks that kill you if you stand in them for too long.

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In short, I was quite impressed with my short playthrough of I Want To Be Human. 2D platforming fans (especially those with sick minds) will want to keep this game on their radar before it releases on Steam for PC this Fall.

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