Exclusive rewards for players in both Heroes of the Storm and Diablo 3

Diablo Abilities

Cross-game rewards anyone?

Since Heroes of the Storm is set to update next week with the release of Kharazim, a monk from Diablo 3’s sanctuary, a vast array of cross-game promotions will be available for players that enjoy playing both games. Playing one game will grant special rewards such as borders, mounts, and pennants for the other game. The promotion is a two-way street, which means it goes both ways, with items available in Diablo 3 and Heroes of the Storm.

All available rewards for playing both games were announced in the patch notes for Heroes of the Storm. The public test realm opened up with next week’s Heroes of the Storm patch that includes rewards for players of Diablo 3; some of these include rewards just for logging in, while others actually require players to level up in either game.

Diablo 3 owners who log into Heroes of the Storm after the Kharazim update will receive the Diablo hero for free, to play within the Nexus. There is a stipulation however, Diablo 3 players will have to log into the Heroes of the Storm within three weeks after the Karazim update in order to receive this free character. Diablo is a warrior-type character in Heroes of the Storm with high survivability and a sizable utility. His primary abilities include Fire Stomp, Overpower, and Shadow Charge. Furthermore, he can choose between two heroic abilities: Apocalypse or Lightning Breath. Currently, the Diablo character runs for $8.49 or 7,000 gold within the game.

The next promotion will begin with Season Four starts on August 28th in Diablo 3. Once the new season starts, players will need to this the maximum level of 70 with a seasonal character to earn a free mount within Heroes of the Storm. Malthael’s Phantom, the mount, will be rewarded to players in Heroes of the Storm. Just like all mounts in Heroes of the Storm, Malthael’s Phantom will be available to all heroes on the account, provided the heroes can ride a mount of that type.


Any Heroes of the Storm players that reach player level 12, the account-wide progression level, will receive two rewards for their Diablo 3 account. After achieving level 12, players will find a new portrait border styled after Heroes of the Storm and a new pennant for their character to wear in Diablo 3.

Just to reiterate, these rewards for Diablo 3 and Heroes of the Storm will be available starting next week when Kharazim goes live. The free Diablo hero, portrait border, and pennant should be available immediately after the patch. Although, the Malthael’s Phantom mount will be rewarded after Season Four starts in Diablo 3. The Launch of Season Four should be (but don’t quote me on this) accompanied by patch 2.3 for Diablo 3 where players can hunt down Kanai’s Cube and use legendary items’ special properties as passives.

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