J-POP Summit 2015: Tech and toys

This embarks the 7th consecutive year the Japanese Pop Summit has come to the bay area. Fans of the Japanese pop genre gather every year to check out the latest costumes, food, and music. However, as a newcomer to the genre, I was most excited for the live interactive trade show and the toys that they had showcased on the conventions main exhibit floor. The combination of the tech and toys in this year’s summit made me feel like a kid in a candy store all over again.

It started off with the “WHILL” wheelchair. This wheelchair isn’t like any other one I have ever seen before. The model looks extremely futuristic. It has metal plating all around the exterior providing for a durable touch. The WHILL also has a full rotation drive. The all direction Wheel clears tight corners and other obstacles with ease. It gives 3” obstacle clearance for a more flexible train mobility. It’s multi terrain so you can ride it over grass, dirt, and snow with ease. Yes, you can actually take this bad boy off road with speeds up to 5mph, and with some other models you can go as fast as 20mph. The WHILL is set to be released sometime this Fall. I didn’t get a chance to try out the WHILL, as this was a display model only; however, I did get to try the JW-Swing from the Yamaha series. Let’s just say, I had a smooth ride.

As I was walking past the wheelchair exhibit, I noticed a long line for Panasonic’s showcase, so I had to check it out. They were showcasing the new Panasonic A:1 Ultra-Light wearable HD Action Camera. My initial reaction was that this device looks beautiful. The orange color complemented the metallic design of the camera. It was also super-light and felt really good in my hands. Although, I’m not sure how practical it is in the real world to use one of these, it was fun to put it on, and to see everyone’s reaction when the output was being displayed through the T.V.

Here are the features:

• Ultra-light, versatile and tough 1080p Full HD wearable action video camcorder
• Rugged 1.6 oz. body, dustproof, waterproof, shockproof and freeze proof to 14°F
• Wi-Fi and USB sharing, plus dual-angle recording with Wireless Twin Camera
• Ideal for POV recording of endurance events, climbing, diving, cycling and everyday adventure
• Includes multi mount and tripod mount, plus night vision IR lens
• A full range of optional mounts and accessories available
Get it here for an MSRP of $199.

This little adventure made me hyped up for Canon’s showcasing. Right away, I saw some gorgeous cameras that Canon was displaying. One of the cameras that they had displayed was called the EOS 70D from the EOS line. This camera just felt good in my hands. I took a couple of pictures and as I was zooming in to get a better picture, everything just felt as if it was in slow-motion. This camera does have a hefty price to pay however, at an MSRP of $1,199, this is one of Canon’s higher-end models.


By this time, my starvation started to kick into overdrive. So I figured the only way to subside my starvation was to get miso soup. Sadly, the miso soup dispenser was closed right when we approached the station, but we did get the latest information on Marukome’s LCA Miso Soup Dispenser.


Here are the specifications introduction video below:

Machine Type: LCA-1 MS120VUL
Dimension: 17.8”H x 10.6”W x 19.5”D
Weight: 42lbs
Electricity: 120V, 12A, 1440W
MSRP: $1,299 + Filter

One last stop I had to make before exiting this year’s summit was the toys showcasing. I was crazy-excited for the toys that were only exclusive to Japan. They had everything from Darth Vader to the Red Power Ranger. While I was looking at some of the Gundam toys at a vendor, I saw the holy grail of all toys at the summit. It was a Dragon Ball Z ‘F,’ Master Stars Piece from The Son Gokou series. At only $40, this figurine of Goku was a neck-breaker. It caught my eye right away when I saw the blue hair, popping out from the figurine. His pose looks masterful, as he looked as if he was ready to take on Frieza’s army. The orange on his suit looked life-like; it was flawless with no paint residue. The price might have seem a little steep to some, but the quality was well worth purchasing this super-saiyan god.

Now, before I leave to watch Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, here are the rest of the pictures of the toys from this year’s summit:

-Nerd out!

Photo credits: Anthony Lee

Sources: Marukome, Canon, Panasonic, Yamaha, J-POP, WHILL

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