This Walking Dead cosplay video makes Maroon 5 tolerable

CaptureOne of the growing trends of the past few years has been the relationship between cosplayers and filmmakers. Cosplayers are crazy people always looking for cameras to show off their costumes, while filmmakers need people in costumes acting crazy. Large budget web series and major web traffic have been produced based off of this symbiotic relationship like Trek: Isolation, and even Nerd Reactor’s very own YouTube channel.

While cruising the Internet this morning I was forwarded a new video from the Walker Stalkers, a small filmmaking and podcast crew that specializes in The Walking Dead parody music videos. If you are a fan of The Walking Dead television series, this video is loaded to the brim with obscure show references, screen accurate cosplay, and a pretty hilarious Love Actually reference. Included in the music video are some very popular TWD cosplayers like Hacksaw Jack as Rick Grimes, Tamika Thompson as Sasha, Matthew Vlossak as the fan-favorite Glenn, and Kevin Franks as Eugene.

Now I know some of you might be scared off because the latest video is set to a Maroon 5 song, but don’t let that deter you. The video is well worth a watch if you want a safe-for-work YouTube laugh that you can pass along to the other cool co-workers that love The Walking Dead.

For more videos from the Walker Stalkers check out their YouTube.

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