Fans create a petition to have Fox sell the Fantastic Four rights back to Marvel Studios

After absolutely abysmal ratings, reviews, scores, and attendance, Fox is still set on creating a Fantastic Four sequel. However if you’re one of the majority of comic book movie fans that didn’t like the recent reboot, there’s something that you can do on your end at least. If fans are angry and can’t do anything about their beloved comic book characters being dragged through the dirt, the only thing to do is make a petition.

That’s right, there’s a petition out now. Again, if you are one of the many many many disappointed Fantastic Four fans, you can sign this petition right here. If the studio executives are still clueless despite the crappy opening weekend, then they need to see it from the fans themselves that something needs to be corrected, right?

Whether you’re a fan of Fox Studios’ handling of the Fantastic Four franchise or not, when fans start making petitions showing that you’re screwing up, even if you’re ignoring the evidence building up in front of you, then yes something definitely needs to be done.

Source: Fantastic Four Petition

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