Arrow’s Stephen Amell attacks Stardust on WWE RAW


Last night, the tension between Arrow’s Stephen Amell and WWE superstar Stardust finally reached the boiling point as both men needed to be separated during the live broadcast of Monday Night RAW. Amell has publicly stated that he would be on tonight’s show to answer for some of the jabs that Stardust had been making at Amell on social media and the WWE live programming.

This would be Amell’s second visit to a WWE live event since beginning his feud with Stardust. With Summerslam just around the corner, it seemed that if the rumors of a match at Summerslam were true, now was the time to lay the seed.

For most of the night Stephen could be seen in the front row at ringside. He was even interviewed by WWE’s Renee Young. After Neville’s match with King Barrett, Stardust came down to the ring and attacked Neville after the Bell. Following his attack, Stardust made a B-Line straight for Stephen Amell. The two men engaged in a stare down before Stardust walked away, only to turn back around and shove Amell. Amell jumped over the guard railing and hopped into the ring, tackling Stardust to the ground and hammering him with punches. The two were separated and Amell was restrained by security and taken to the back.

During a backstage segment, Amell was confronted by WWE CEO Triple H and demanded a match with Stardust at Summerslam. Provided that Amell signs all the legal waivers Triple H will send to his agent, he and Neville will face King Barrett and Stardust at Summerslam.

Of course everyone knows that Wrestling is scripted like most TV shows, but judging from Stephen Amell’s recent tweets he seems to be having the time of his life with this.

Stephen has publicly stated numerous times that he has long since been a fan of the WWE since he was a kid. He has been petitioning to be a part of the show as far back as the beginning of the 2nd season of Arrow. It should be interesting to see how well he does inside the squared circle. Celebrities have always played a big role in the promotion of wrestling, but when it actually comes to working in the ring it becomes a whole different story, and as Triple H said “don’t bring a stunt double.”

You can check out two videos from last night’s show below. Summerslam will air August 23rd on PPV and the WWE Network.

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