Blizzard announces three heroes and new map for Heroes of the Storm


In recent days, Blizzard announced three new heroes coming to Heroes of the Storm, one from each of its major well-known franchises, and introduced a new battleground.

One of the new heroes is Kharazim, based on the monk class from Diablo 3. While being labled a support character, Blizzard states he will play differently from the other heroes. For Kharazim, players can choose one of the three hero traits, Transcendence, Insight, or Iron Fists, to customize the character in order to focus on health regeneration, mana regeneration, or damage, respectively of course. Kharazim can dash and heal his teammates, using the familiar abilities presented in Diablo 3, such as Seven Sided Strike and Divine Palm.

Due to Blizzard’s Eternal Conflict Promotion campaign, which focuses on Diablo-themed content, Kharazim joins Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard is also adding a new Diablo 3-themed battleground, Infernal Shrines. The map is filled with titular shrines; if players defeat them, a monster known as Punisher will spawn and hunt down enemy players.

The second hero is beastmaster Rexxar from the Warcraft realm. The orc is a ranger warrior and goes into battle with a bear sidekick. Rexxar can command the bear to attack enemies from a distance, harassing them and finally stunning them with a charge attack.

Finally, the Protoss leader Artanis from the Starcraft universe will come to Heroes at some point in the future.

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