Corsair unveils a trio of sexy gaming peripherals


Corsair is continuing its trend of producing high-end gaming peripherals that are capable of throwing down with any other company on the market. As we have seen with the sails logo debacle, Corsair has its ear to the ground and cares very much about listening to the consumers. We have already seen vast improvement in the quality of keyboards since the creation of the dedicated Corsair Gaming department, but their SKUs for mice and headphones remained stagnant. Today at Gamescom in Germany, it looks like Corsair Gaming is ready to give their mice and headphones the same level of improvement.


We recently reviewed the new STRAFE keyboard and thought very highly of it for the $100 price point. The only thing that we thought was holding the STRAFE back from beating the K70 RGB was the lack of RGB. Corsair must have heard us, because less than a week later at Gamescom we have not only the announcement of the STRAFE RGB, but we are also getting a STRAFE RGB Silent! Compared to the K70 RGB, the STRAFE was already significantly quieter. With the addition of the newly announced Cherry MX Silent switches it will be interesting to see just how quiet this keyboard actually is.


The SCIMTAR RGB at first glance might look like just another gaming mouse, but looking at what Corsair has actually done here in on paper sounds pretty phenomenal. We have all seen and played with the MMO style of mouse. If you are like me, most of these mice are not very usable because the button layout and placement was either created for someone with little baby hands or giant Shaquille O’Neal hands. This new mouse has a patented ‘Key Slider’ that gives the player 8mm of adjustment for your buttons so that it will fit your style of grip and size of hand. As a cherry on top, the buttons are mechanical and there are four zones of fully customizable lighting.

VOID Headphones

I have to preface this by saying that in my heart I am an audiophile. The most underwhelming piece of hardware in Corsair’s arsenal in the past has always been their headphones. The plastic feel, the boring aesthetics, and mediocre sound quality all contributed to my tendency to avoid Corsair headphones. That being said at first glance the VOID headphones are aesthetically a major upgrade with a new cup design as well as customizable RGB lighting. They will be available in USB, Wireless and Analog versions with some extra features like CUE dial control. I’m not going to get too excited yet here until we actually get to hear them. I’m always a little weary of headphones that boast Dolby 7.1 with only one driver per cup.

I’ve said it before and will say it again, Corsair is making big strides in taking its great products and making them better. Its new line of products look great on the computer screen and the ultimate verdict will come once the fingers hit the switches. For more info on Corsair’s latest product announcements:

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