Review: ALDNOAH.ZERO Limited Edition Blu-ray Vol.1‏


By Lareesa

Going into this review, Aldnoah.Zero is already one of my favorite mecha/drama anime. It is centered on a war of two sides: Earth (Terrans) and Mars (Vers). The show starts off a little slow but the pace of the story eventually starts to kick in, and it really starts to hit you in the feels. I did not get the sense that the characters are overly cliché and after getting to know them, I found that they were very well thought out. They were shaped so that each character countered or complimented another in a way that formed a beautiful story. There were plenty of awesome fight scenes, deaths and plot twists that even I didn’t predict (I’m pretty good at guessing a story before it happens). This anime brings together mecha, Space Opera and domestic high school life wonderfully and is worth the watch!

Comparably the Blu-ray was done so beautifully! The image quality was very crisp and clear, I watched on a 55” and sat way too close to the T.V. looking for imperfections, and found none.


MSRP $94.00 for limited edition Blu-ray compared to $40.00 for regular DVD

  • 2 Blu-ray disc set episodes 1-6
  • It came in a nice cardboard sleeved packaging with the special Mecha art on the front and back, along with description of features and content of what was inside.
  • It of course comes with a proof of purchase card and feedback letter to fill out on how you would rate the product.
  • There were two Aldnoah artwork postcards featuring the main characters: Slain, Inaho, Asselyum and a few others.
  • There is a character archive booklet inside the box with a little history on Takako Shimura (character designer). The book also features pencil drawings of more than 20 characters from the show with a brief description about their personality, age, birthday, height, and even blood type?! (Not sure I needed to know that last one.)
  • Disc 1 features: Play, chapter select, setup, extras and credits. (Setup gives you the Japanese or English dubbed to choose from along with English or Spanish sub.)


  • Two trailers, one of which is a brief intro on what’s to come; the other is a really short recap on the first few episodes.
  • Six commercials I assumed were used to promote the show, very short and sweet, and leave you wondering ‘WTF’ was going on… so you watch the first few episodes and it doesn’t matter, you are hooked.
  • Count A/Z features the voice of Asseylum (Sora Amamiya) guiding you into the making of the series and introducing the writer artist musicians and how the series came to be, along with interviews of the three main characters!

Final Reaction

With everything considered the differences between limited edition and regular DVD are: The two artwork pinups, the special character archives booklet, and unique box illustration featured only in the limited edition Blu-ray version. The price difference is quite extreme with the limited edition Blu-ray more than doubling the standard DVD version. I like collector items, don’t get me wrong, but an MSRP of $40 as opposed to $94? Personally, I don’t want to break the bank on a price this high unless there are collectable action figures or statuettes included. It felt like a bit much for the art book and pinups included. As lovely as this show looks on Blu-ray, the decision of value is ultimately left for the fans to decide. For some the contents of the packaging are well worth it. For me it was not.

Rating: 2/5 Atoms

NR 2 Atoms - D


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