Vega is back for Street Fighter V

street fighter v vega

Voilà! Street Fighter’s vain veteran has vowed vengeance, hoping to verily vanquish the virtuous… you may call him Vega! Today it was announced that the ‘Spanish Ninja’ will in fact be making his return to Capcom’s fighting franchise: Street Fighter V.

Vega’s move set at first glance is visually very similar to what we have seen from him since the beginning of his run in SF, but with some interesting modifications. Vega’s very sneaky V-Skill looks like it goes completely through your opponent’s attacks and gives you the option to counter. For his V-Trigger Vega can throw a rose. If the rose hits the foe he is propelled forward leading into an attack that causes a juggle where he may be able to combo into an EX or even a Super move.

Adding even more value and variety to Vega’s voracious skillset is the option to switch between two different fighting styles: ‘claw on’ or ‘claw off’. In the video you can vividly view Vega switch between the two styles mid-combo. ‘Claw on’ mode may be more for playing footsie and fighting at range, while ‘Claw off’ might be more suited for rush down attacks and mix-ups.

The villain, Vega, returns for violence and is looking to vindicate his vendetta against every vestige of the Street Fighter V roster with volition.

We will learn a lot more about Vega at Gamescom 2015.

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