Black Sails renewed for season 4 before season 3 airs


With Blackbeard’s wrath across New Providence now at an end and Flint and crew heading to England with a plan to save Eleanor, Black Sails season 3 proved to be an explosive season with Starz renewing it for Season 4…. Wait, Season 3 hasn’t even aired yet? According to Variety, Starz has announced plans for season 4 with filming beginning this fall, well before the premiere of Season 3 in January 2016. This isn’t unusual for cable shows and is a good sign from the network and its faith towards the series, like Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 planned well before the series has aired and Black Sails Season 3 being announced before Season 2 aired.

Ray Stevensen joins the cast for Season 3 as the nefarious Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard. Given Black Sails takes place in the fictitious world of Treasure Island (20 years prior), it’s still unknown how Blackbeard will fit in given that he joins Hornigolds crew prior to gaining his own crew around the time Black Sails takes place. We’ll know soon enough this January.

Source: Variety

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