New Gotham clip features Barbara meeting Jerome in Arkham

One of the key elements that fans kept talking about during the first season of Gotham, was the mysterious psychopath with an eerie and familiar laugh. Jerome, played by Cameron Monaghan,

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided release date revealed with pre-order tiered bonuses

Today, Square Enix officially announced the released date for the next installment in the Deus Ex franchise, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The publisher revealed that the cyberpunk role-playing game will launch

Andrew Garfield says that he never was Spider-Man?

There are many fans who still wonder what might have been had Andrew Garfield remained as Spider-Man. With the new partnership between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, Andrew’s run as

Uncharted 4 to be released on March 18, 2016

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is the next anticipated game in the series, and now we finally have a released date. The PS4-exclusive game will be available on March 18,

Impractical Jokers celebrating its 100th episode LIVE!

TruTV’s hit practical joker show Impractical Jokers is celebrating its 100th episode LIVE with a quadruple punishment special. The jokers (Murr, Q, Sal, and Joe) are taking their most challenging

Fear the Walking Dead 2×02 ‘So Close, Yet So Far’ recap and review

Recap With the events from the last episode, Madison, Travis, and Nick are freaking out and plan to take the entire family into the desert until everything dies out. They

Anime California 2015 Cosplay Music Video

What’s up, Reactorites!? The Nerd Reactor crew had a lot of fun at Anime California 2015, and it’s definitely a huge improvement from last year. The location is better, and

Live-action Mario Kart

In honor of the Mario 30th Anniversary, cosplay group HotMessExpress decided to go to a Go-Kart Park dressed in full Mario World Attire to play a live-action game of Mario

Summer movie count down

This summer has brought us some disappointment and some real breakthrough performances. We got to see the smallest Avenger win the day and we were able to witness a new

There may be one more match in Stardust and Stephen Amell feud

Last Sunday was the long-awaited showdown between Arrow’s Stephen Amell and WWE’s Stardust. The months rivalry has built up to this match, and many fans were anxious to see the

Anime California has strong showing in its second year

As August comes to a close, so does another convention. These are the last few months to catch a convention near you, so hit one while you still can. This also

Comic series Cyber Force moves to LINE Webtoon

LINE Webstoon, a popular digital comic service, has now obtained Marc Silvestri’s classic comic series Cyber Force (also known as Cyberforce). Cyber Force, created by Top Cow, tells the tale

Why I’m addicted to Hearthstone, again

The early morning sunrise peeked through the blinds, and before I was able to get out of bed and stretch, I already knew what I had to do. I opened

Megumi Hayashibara releases new CD for 3×3 Eyes as 25th anniversary

To celebrate her 25th anniversary as a singer, Megumi  Hayashibara will be releasing a new maxi-single CD for 3×3 Eyes, “Samhāra ~Sei Naru Chikara~” (Samhāra ~Holy Power~), this October 21st.

Blues and Bullets Episode 1 Review – Flawed but ambitious

I had no idea what to expect going into Blues and Bullets, an interactive 5-episode story game by developer A Crowd of Monsters, known for Sugar Kid on iOS and Funk of Titans on Xbox One. All

Cast for live-action Resident Evil stage production revealed on Twitter

It seems for all the world wide importation of originally Japanese expressions of fandom such as cosplay and doujinshi, Japan is still finding unique ways to celebrate beloved series. A

Jurassic Bark? A parody to Jurassic World

There are always a few videos that I stumble across on YouTube that happens to make me laugh. When the time comes, I enjoy sharing it with everyone else, and

Is there a Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter connection?

With Fallout 4 on the way, I have been biding my time with a massive amount of Fallout Shelter. The game is simply fun and addictive, but I can’t help

Josh Brolin is ready to bring the wrath upon the Avengers

Josh Brolin is more than ready to bring Thanos’ fury upon the Avengers. He just doesn’t know when he’s going to do it. “I don’t know which [Marvel film] I’m

Pieces of the D23 Captain America: Civil War trailer leak online

One of the huge topics of conversation this year at Disney’s D23 Expo was the Captain America: Civil War trailer. Only attendees who waited through the night to make it